Dj Lunix
Born and raised in South Gate California, DJ Lunix formerly known as DJ Jovan, has always had an interest in music. Lunix’s love for music was revealed when he mastered the accordion at the age of four. Soon after, he was able to play the piano, trombone, guitar, and drums. Amazingly Lunix never learned how to read music, but played simply by ear. Lunix’s special love for music is said to have been inherited, as he comes from a family of musicians. In 1982 his father had two hit records with a group called “Los Jaraz.” In addition, his cousin, Gonzalo Villasenor, is a member of the famous group “Montez De Durango”. Lunix was later inspired to become a DJ through his uncle DJ Nick and quickly jumped into the Disk Jockey profession.

At the age of 17, Lunix started off as a DJ with DVDs and CD players, and later advanced to CDJs and Technic turntables. Specializing in dance music, Lunix partnered with an old friend named DJ Floss and together held house parties and warehouse events. At the age of 19, Lunix moved to Phoenix, AZ where he met Dario Varela, president of AZ Party Rockers and was made a member 2 years later. Night clubs on his resume consist of: Afterlife, Sky lounge, Bar Smith, Club Red, Trinity, Rain, Club Forbidden, and Jackrabbit. Although he has accomplished much success, he is constantly striving for more.

Booking Contact:
AZ Party Rockers, LLC
(602) 413-0886