Dj O.D.
Octavio Delgado better known as DJ OD, was born in Chihuahua, Mexico in 1988 but was raised in Phoenix, Arizona where at the young age of 3 began to show interest in music. By the age of 8 he had mastered his first string instrument, the violin. As a talented violinist he came to be the leader of his school orchestra for 7 consecutive years. Through high school, he managed to master reading and writing music for all string instruments (violin, viola, chello, bass, guitar, and piano). Debating on which path to take in the music industry, DJ OD decided to take a chance at acting. He was featured in small films for local Film Festivals and for the Arizona State Drama club. He was seen in plays such as The Wizard of OZ and School House Rock. OD also had a strong passion for singing and in addition was able to write his own lyrics. DJ OD later teamed up with Parientito, a local radio disc jokey in Phoenix, and created a band known as “El Parientito Y Su Crazy Mafia” where the role of main vocalist was assigned to none other than, DJ OD. With their live four man band, they managed a 2 year Sony Label contract. In the process, DJ OD decided to test his skills in the promotion industry creating his own company, DCK Entertainment also known as Diverscity. DJ OD took promoting to a level that no one had ever done before in Phoenix, as he created a club atmosphere for younger teens. For the first time he blended English and Spanish genres into one, which allowed his popularity to grow dramatically in the industry.

DJ OD took another step forward in the music industry by becoming a DJ for local events, using burned CDs that his uncle gave him. After meeting his business partner, Dario Varela, they decided to merge their companies Ten30 Ent. & DCK Ent. This collaboration created one solid DJ/Promotion company which is now known today as the AZ Party Rockers. Through his career, DJ OD has had the opportunity to work with a variety of companies such DCK Entertainment, AZ Party Rockers, Street Movement, Shiekh Shoes and KRCK Radio, amongst many others. Through the years, DJ OD has managed to improve his DJ skills and has been able to turn his love of music into a profession. DJ OD has done everything from private and corporate events, to schools, clubs, and even radio station events. He has had the opportunity to perform and hold residencies in night clubs such as Sky Lounge, Bar Smith, Silver, Downtown, Rain, Trinity, Casa Del Mariachi, Oceans7, Jackrabbit, and Afterlife. His diversity and ability to work with such a varying demographic, has allowed him to create a diverse and significantly large following.

DJ OD is always striving to better himself as a DJ and entertainer. Always looking ahead and with great projects in mind, there is much more to come from DJ OD in the near future. His skill and passion will allow his dream of becoming nationally known, to turn into a reality.

Booking Contact:
AZ Party Rockers, LLC
(602) 413-0886